Morvahna1 and Skarr3 sitting in the trees. K. I. L. L. I. N. G.

In today’s game of which scary witch lady is more scary, we have my good friend Drew playing Morvahna 1. She’s running a big line of big rocks through the forest intent on adjusting the size and shape of my face. She faces off against the big boat queen herself, you love her, you want her, you wish your models were half as cool looking… It’s Skarre 3!
Let’s get to the lists.

Morvahna the Autumnblade – WB: +28
– Druid Wilder – PC: 4
– Woldwarden – PC: 14
– Woldwarden – PC: 14 (proxied by Megalith)
– Woldwarden – PC: 14 (proxied by an armless Toro)

Hermit of Henge Hold – PC: 0
Blackclad Stoneshaper – PC: 0
Blackclad Stoneshaper – PC: 0
Dhunian Archon – PC: 0 (proxied by a Northkin Shaman)
Captain Crawtooth – PC: 5
Chuck Dogwood – PC: 4 (proxied by a Druid Gone Wilder)
Primal Archon – PC: 8
Primal Archon – PC: 8 (proxied by a Mauler)
Gallows Grove – PC: 2

Druids of Orboros – Leader & 5 Grunts: 10
– Druid of Orboros Overseer – PC: 4
Gatorman Posse – Leader & 4 Grunts: 16

Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet – WJ: +27
– Defiler – PC: 8
– Defiler – PC: 8
– Defiler – PC: 8
– Defiler – PC: 8

Master Gurglepox – PC: 7 (proxied by a Ripjaw)
Darragh Wrathe – PC: 9
Bane Lord Tartarus – PC: 0

Bane Warriors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16
– Bane Warrior Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 0
Bane Warriors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16
– Bane Warrior Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 0
Asphyxious the Sanctified & 3 Annihilation Servitors: 14
– Stalker – PC: 8

We decided to play outside, because…you know…it’s finally nice out. No other reason…
Anyway, we let the computer decide where we were going to play, and it decided fire and trees were a good mix.

Drew won the dice roll, and opted to go second for the choice of sides. He chose the bottom of the scenario pictured. Since I didn’t have any say in the matter, I chose the top side and was happy about it.

For each round, this write up will have one picture taken at the end of the round.


Here is where we determined that we prefer to play on tables a little bigger than is absolutely needed.

I placed Skarre in the middle with access to both units of Banes for swapping Draconic Blessing. Wrathe was placed behind her to help both units as well. Tartarus went far to stage right with the plan to park on the flag with Stealth. All four Defilers and Gurglepox went stage right with Gaspy4 stage left of Skarre to take advantage of flight to not get lit on fire. I chose the healing objective.
Drew knew that his druids were going to be immune to both the Burning Earth, and my Defilers the whole game, so he decided to place them in a great position on the right. With Crawtooth granting the Posse No Sleeping on the Job, a Primal among them seems pretty legit. Expecially backed up by a Dhunian Archon.
The other Primal flanks right to try and ruin the Banes’ day, while the three Woldwardens spread out. Chuck, Hermit, Morvahna, and the real Wilder (who did stand up) were placed middle left. Each Stoneshaper chose a Warden and stuck to them like glue (left and right most Wardens). Drew chose the eyeless sight objective…

Round 1

After both players first turn. This game is quickly becoming a Lord of the Rings scenario.

Caleb Turn 1:
My turn was nice and easy. Skarre casts Dark Waves, Draconic Blessing on the left unit of Banes, and Dash then she advances. Dark Waves bumps Gaspy forward a bit, and everything in still in Skarre’s control range.
Defilers and Gurglepox all run forward and clump up (Gurglepox is in the middle of the cluster).
Stalker runs forward and stays out of melee threat range. Gaspy and crew run. Wrathe advances and uses Death Ride catching almost everyone. Tartarus runs and both units of Banes run. Here is where I make my first mistake.
Forgetting that Eyeless Sight is SUPER good, I clump 5 Bane models in the right Theme Cloud. As you can see, Drew is mean and does bad things to them on his turn.

Drew Turn 1:
He starts by granting his Grove Eyeless Sight off of the objective. I groan heavily. Grove places forward. Primals, Posse, Crawtooth, Dhunian, Chuck, Hermit, Druid Wilder, all three Wardens, and the Stoneshapers end up running at one point or another. The Druid unit advances through the Burning Earth. The grunts all drop Clouds, and the UA gives the unit Immunity to everything.
Morvahna advances, puts Restoration on the Druids unit, and casts Eruption of Life, through the Grove, targeting the Bane in the front middle of the clump in the Theme Cloud. She hits easily and he explodes. the resulting AOE kills the other four Banes around him, and I miss all of my Tough rolls.

Round 2

Lesson of the game, Defilers really can’t do anything in melee.

Caleb Turn 2:
Losing five Banes on turn 1 was not part of my original battle plan… Who knew?
The left unit of Banes plays it safe and stays out of range of the Posse, but close enough that if Drew wants the zone he has to risk losing his Posse.
The Stalker also plays a little more conservatively than I normally do. I put him in the Theme Cloud and in place to help take out the Posse, Primal, or Dhunian Archon depending on what Drew will do.
Wrathe moves out of Skarre’s way (smart man) and uses Death Ride.
Skarre activates, casts Guided Fire and Dash, then advances up to smite…I mean shoot…the Grove off the board.
Gaspy and crew run. He stays back, while the Servitors run up to engage the front line of the Druids unit as much as possible.
A Defiler crosses over to the left and sprays the Dhunian Archon. Another Defiler advances forward to spray the right Warden and Stoneshaper hoping to kill the Stoneshaper. The Primal Countercharges and hits. Knockdown prevents the spray. Another Defiler hides in the Theme Cloud and the wall.
Tartarus and Gurglepox camp the flag, while the last Defiler moves up to spray the Warden and Stoneshaper. Hits the Warden for no damage, and misses the Stoneshaper.
Right unit of Banes toes the zone.

Drew Turn 2:
Fire goes out on the Warden, and stays on the majority of the Druid unit (though it doesn’t matter). Morvahna upkeeps Restoration.
The Posse move into the left zone, and try to screen for the back two models of the unit. Crawtooth stays close.
Right Primal runs to engage the right unit of Banes. to prevent them from charging into him next turn.
Right side Warden and left side Warden move up to deal with the screening Servitors blocking the Druids unit. Middle Warden scoots forward a bit.
Dhunian Archon moves into the trench. Hermit, Wilder, and Chuck stay close.
Druids unit presses forward some more, makes more Clouds, and becomes Immune to elemental effects again.
Left side Primal runs to engage Gaspy.
End turn. Both players score their own flags.
Score 1-1

Round 3

T-Pain and The Lonely Island would be proud of Skarre I think.

Caleb Turn 3:
This turn, I plan to take both zones, and contest Drew’s flag. I don’t see a way to destroy his objective, so I plan to be up 4-1 at the end of this turn. Let’s see what happens instead.

Skarre doesn’t allocate, and upkeeps Draconic Blessing.
Gaspy allocates 2 Focus to the Stalker, but forgets to create a Servitor.
Wrathe charges the right Primal doing a decent amount of damage with the help of Dark Shroud.
Skarre Feats, and takes 5 damage to cast all 5 spells. Draconic Blessing goes on the right Banes unit. She charges the left Primal with just enough space to land and have it in melee range of her ram. Dark Waters places Gaspy two inches to the right of his last position. Between her ram, hand cannon, and one cannon she kills the Primal. Her last shot goes at Morvaha and hits, but gets Sac Pawned to the Hermit.
The left Banes activate and charge into the Posse. The front three gators die, and one back gator gets hurt, However Dhunian Archon is there to make everything that much more difficult, and I can’t kill the fourth one with Banes. The Stalker advances and Jumps into position to kill the last two Posse members. Between 4 attacks, I manage to kill one Posse, and miss the other with two swings. Well…there goes my original plan.
Tartarus charges the right Primal and kills it needing both swings. I cannot bring in a new Bane though, because…you know…a big rock isn’t alive, or something like that.
The right Banes, under Dash, charge the right Warden at effective POW 15 Weapon Masters. It dies.
Gurglepox continues to camp the flag.
Between Gaspy and two Defilers, I manage to kill Two of the Druid unit grunts. By that I mean Gaspy kills two grunts, and the Defilers do nothing.
The left Defiler advances to spray Morvahna and the Hermit, as well as to contest the flag. The little guy makes up for the other three, and manages to hit both targets. Morvahna Sac Pawns, but now the Hermit has taken 3 damage and both are Corroded.
The Defiler that was by my flag moves up to spray the Stoneshaper on the right and kills him.
End turn. I score my flag and the right zone.
Score 3-1 Caleb

Drew Turn 3:
I don’t know exactly what Drew was thinking, but I assume it was along the lines of “murder all the Banes this turn.”
Drew had made a mistake in the last turn, and left a lot of Fury still on Morvahna, so her beasts were running very hot.
All of the continuous effects went out except one lonely Druid grunt still on fire. Morvanha pulls what she can and upkeeps Restoration.
Morvanha activates and Feats. We made some errors on this one, as it was Drew’s first time playing this warlock and my first time facing her. We missed Faction specific triggering, and the size as 4″ instead of 3″ AOE’s. She casts Eruption of Life at Gaspy two times, hitting the first and missing the second. It does some damage, but Gaspy had one Focus and mitigated it.
Crawtooth advances and shoots a rear left side Bane. Under Feat (we talk it over later and realize the mistake) the Bane Dies and explodes, killing a couple others.
The left side Warden advances and between Eruption of Life, and melee swings triggering the Feat, he manages to destroy all but 2 remaining Banes, including the UA and flag.
The Posse member tries and fails to hit the Stalker.
The other Warden is too full on Fury to do anything but cast one Eruption of Life at the right side Banes, and misses by 1. If Chuck had just been a little closer…
The Druids try to kill some Banes and Defilers, but fail to do so.
Dhunian Archon hits the left side Defiler contesting the flag, but cannot kill it.
End turn. Caleb scores his flag, everything else is contested.
Score 4-1 Caleb

Round 4

And so it ends.

Caleb Turn 4:
Skarre doesn’t allocate, and upkeeps Draconic Blessing.
Gaspy allocates 2 to the Stalker, and forgets to bring in a Servitor…again. Sigh.
Wrathe walks to the flag and uses Death Ride.
Tartarus walks to the two Druids in the right zone and kills both, creating two Banes.
Gurglepox charges a Druid grunt and kills it, then repos back a bit.
Gaspy walks to the Hermit and kills him. The resulting explosion does not reach Skarre. Then Gaspy, buys and boosts one attack on Morvanha and hits, boosts damage. She transfers to the left side Warden.
The left side Banes remaining charge the left side Warden. I crank the dice, and it dies to the two of them.
Skarre casts Guided Fire. She then charges the Dhunian Archon and kills it with the Ram, hand cannon, and stage left cannon. The other cannon shoots and hits Morvahna doing a chunk of damage with a boosted damage roll. She camps 2 Focus.
The Stalker advances and kills the Last Posse member, but can’t bring down Crawtooth. Crawtooth is outside of the left side zone, however.
Right side Banes charge the right side Warden, and the Druid UA. Both go down in a hail of axes.
The Defilers in the middle all try to melee the Druids, and fail to kill even one.
The left side Defiler, the only one doing anything this game, sprays down the line of the trench. It hits and kills; Chuck, Wilder, and Stoneshaper. It also hits Morvahna, and does a bunch of damage, and putting Corrosion on her. Between the couple of things that have gotten to her this turn, she is left on one box.
End turn.
I score my flag, and the left zone.
Score 6-1. I win.
We roll for fun to see if Corrosion kills Morvahna, it goes out…story of the game.

I had an amazing time playing against Drew, as always. Though I don’t believe Defiler spam is very good the way I have it right now, I did have fun with it, and may try it again another way. Though hopefully next time there won’t be quite so much immunity to what they can do.
I like what Skarre brings to the table for Banes. Usually she is found in Scourge, and she is fantastic there, but I wanted to try and mix things up a bit. I’m going to be trying other iterations of this list over the next few games I play. If you like this report, I will be doing more soon.

Thank you for reading.

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